From today 13.12.2012 Halit Balikci company support Pippo Association

1000 tak  Halit Balikci support Pippo Association neste event d.21.12.2012

Foreninegn støtter børnene på Stensagerskolen i Viby. Jeg gør det med mit hjerte d

a disse har helt særlige behov og meget alvorlige problemer.
1000 tak Nordic Frugt & Grønt , støtter med mange kg. Frugt neste event .
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Marcello Da Milano i Toscana, the big day has finally arrived ( DVD ) is posible buy from today

DVD is posible to buy on www.MarcelloDaMilano.comwebside :

is posible to buy DVD FILM Marcello Da Milano in Tuscany

1 stk. 80,00 DDK , Euro 11 including delivery in Denmark and EU
3 stk. 165,00 DDK , Euro 22 including delivery in Denmark and EU

25 % we give to


klik youtube to se video : Marcello Da Milano in Tuscany

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International Premature Children Day in Århus Denmark

Italian Opera Concert ” Passione ”
International Premature Children Day

I would like to give a special thanks to the Mayor Jacob Bundsgaard. I am extremely  honored that Jacob is willing and able to open the concert. I thank you for your support with helping Aarhus city to grow within culturel events, and supporting Denmark, Aarhus on November 17th. at 18.00 pm in the Musikhus, Marcello Da Milano presents on behalf of Pippo Association:

Opera Concert with the queen of Danish opera: Elsebeth Dreisig and guest appearance by the Ambassador for the Pippo Association; Akiko Nakajima – world famous Japanese soprano

At this concert Marcello Da Milano will also present the DVD “Marcello Da Milano in Tuscany”, his latest project from Tuscany. It will be posible to view a little bit from the documentary – a fantastic documentary from beautiful Tuscany .

It is posible to buy the dvd at the concert – the profits from this sale will  go to

I founded the Pippo Association december 9th. 2011.
To create awareness for the special needs of prematurely born babies I started the ”Pippo Association”
My own son Filippo was born 8 week too early – since his birth he has endured many sp

inal operations. He is now 8 years old and has, under the circumstances, a good life!
Filippo has given me so much joy and inspiration, that I have decided to dedicate my work to improve the lives of other premature children.
I, Marcello Da Milano, arrange for the Pippo Association, concerts and other events for children and their parents 100% NO PROFIT
The foundation’s objective is to raise funds to purchase equipment, to ease the children’s daily lives.
I would like to give these children and their parents some good moments – spreading joy and hope.
I am very proud to present the ”Pippo Associations” two ambassadors:
Marin Jørgensen, one of Denmark’s leading football players throughout the years. Today he plays for AGF – Aarhus.
And Akiko Nakajima, world-famous opera singer, who has the great international opera houses as her place of work.
Thank you very much to Mayor Jakob Bundsgaard and Marc Perera Christensen for greeting Pippo Association´s ambassador; world famous japanese soprano Akiko Nakajima
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I am very proud to present many Danish companies and friend who support Pippo Association and I would like to give a special thanks to all the companies that believed in my project NO PROFIT Pippo Association thank you from my heart

Marcello Passalia 

 Laweyer Claus Mouldt Trøstrup  

Accountant Marianne Aros  

PressMediaMatch ,PR , Kommunikation & Journalistik ,

Musical Support Luca Piazzi 
Henrik Hjort Horneman Email 

(transalate and events press  supporter Pippo Association) 

Holger Bro, fotographer

Bjarne Mikkelsen fotographer

Tamo Meijburg fotographer

Andrea Landi fotograf  Email andre@andre-photo.orgNicolás Arroyo ( Designer webside Pippo Association ) 



Company in Denmark 9.12.2011  13.5.2012  21.10.2012 25.10.2012  30.10.2012   10.11.2012  14.11.2012 17.11.2012  : 13.12.2012
A few times a year Marcello arranges events where he personally donates all profits or a large percentage to the Pippo Association. 100% of all donations go directly to premature children in Stensagerskolen in Viby, Aarhus.

Stensagerskolen in Viby has 220 children with different needs


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Opera Even for Pippo Association.

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Next Event for Pippo Association.

Next Event for Pippo Association.

Next event for Pippo Association is Friday the 11th of may 2012 at 13:00 in the Catholic church, Ryesgade in Aarhus C

Free entry – everybody is welcome to attend this opera event for children

See the video from last event: also supports





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Pippo Association For Premature Children

Who are we?

Pippo Association was established on December 9, 2011 by Marcello Passalia.
Marcello Passalia was born in Milan, Italy but has lived in Denmark for 10 years.
The idea to establish Pippo Association came from Marcello´s experience with having a premature child. Marcello´s son Filippo is a premature child who has overcome a lot of challenges from being born to early. He was born in 2004 weighing just 1400 grams. Today he is 8 years old and after years with many surgeries and challenges, he is a living example of a true fighter. The name Pippo Association is short for Filippo and is a dedication to his name.

What do we do?

Marcello makes events on behalf of Pippo Association where he has put together personalities from the worlds of music, sports and art and their support is fundamental in order to organize events that will be talked about – with the intention to direct focus toward premature children and raise money for the association. Pippo Association is a 100 % non-profit Danish association. The money raised for Pippo Association primarily comes from the events that Marcello makes. Twice a year Marcello makes events where he personally donates all or a percentage  of the profits to Pippo Association.



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