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Pippo Association was established on December 9, 2011 by Marcello Passalia.

Marcello Passalia was born in Milan, Italy but has lived in Denmark for 10 years.

The idea to establish Pippo Association came from Marcello’s  experience with having a premature child. Marcello’s son Filippo is a premature child who has overcome a lot of challenges from being born too early. He was born in 2004 weighing just 1400 grams. Today he is 8 years old and after years with many surgeries and challenges, he is a living example of a true fighter. The name Pippo Association is short for Filippo and is a dedication to his name.



Marcello makes events on behalf of Pippo Association where he puts together personalities from the worlds of music, sports and art and their support is fundamental in order to organize events that will be talked about – with the intention to awake focus on premature children and raise money for the association. Pippo Association is a non-profit Danish association. The money raised for Pippo Association primarily comes from the events that Marcello makes. Twice a year Marcello makes events where he personally donates all or a percentage of the profits to Pippo Association. The profits supports premature children with various difficulties.

Previously Pippo Association supported Stensagerskolen in Viby, a school for children with various disabilities, many of the children also being premature.



Every year approximately 4500 children in Denmark are born prematurely. Fortunately, many of them will grow up and live a life with no disabilities whatsoever. However, some of these children will grow up with lifelong developmental disabilities such as vision problems, hearing problems, spasticity or other physical and psychological disabilities.

There are various very good associations for premature children and their families who inform, guide and support with their knowledge within premature issues.

Pippo Association wishes to support Filippo and other premature children in need more directly. Filippo is in need of much help everyday and it’s uncertain what his future will be like. A part of the money raised for Pippo Association will be a saving for Filippo’s future and it will make sure that he will always be able to get the most professional help and support he needs.



It’s important for Pippo Association to grow in order for more people to become aware of the issues premature children struggle with – also in order to raise money and support for Filippo and others. A special thanks to Pippo Associations ambassadors, world famous opera singer soprano Akiko Nakajima and soccer player Martin Jørgensen, who with their support always contribute to the growth of the association.



Marcello Passalia – President and founder

Joachim Krøyer – Member of the board

Sarah Patocska – Member of the board

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